Locked out of your apartment? Take deep breaths, relax, then follow these steps to get into your place.

by rentblog

Apartment door lock

You get home after a long day at work (or a long night out), and you reach into your purse or pocket to find your keys. But … oh no. They aren’t there. You search futilely for a few more seconds, rummaging through spare change and various other doodads, but there’s nothing. You’re officially locked out.

Now what?

Locking yourself out of your apartment is one of the most frustrating feelings, especially if you can envision exactly where your keys are, hanging on that key hook just inside the door. At this point, there are a few steps you can take to get inside your apartment.

Call Your Roommate

If you have a roommate, you may be in luck: Even if you have to wait for him or her to get home, at least you won’t have to take more dramatic measures to gain entry. Give your roommate a call to see when he or she is planning on coming home.

If it’s not going to be for a while, you can either go pick up his or her keys or head to a coffee shop or restaurant and hang out for a couple of hours while you wait. Buy yourself a pastry pick-me-up, and you’ll have a grand time.

Call Your Landlord

If you don’t have a roommate, or your roommate is out of town or otherwise not going to be home by the time you need to get inside, you may need to give your landlord or building manager a call. Typically, these people will have a spare key, just in case they need to get into the apartment for maintenance or an emergency.

Keep in mind that if you go to your landlord, building manager, or even doorman to tell him or her you’re locked out, you may have to pay a fee, typically between $25 and $100 depending on where you live.

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