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Embarrassing moments are a part of life—there’s no getting around that. You could fall down an entire set of bleachers at a basketball game (yes, that actually happened) or walk in on someone who forgot how to lock a bathroom door.

Unfortunately those most embarrassing moments don’t stop when you get your first apartment. surveyed 1,000 US renters to learn the three most embarrassing reasons that they had to call their apartment maintenance staff. Here are the results and what you can do to avoid the situations.

Most Embarrassing Moments in Maintenance Infographic

#1 Most Embarrassing Moment: Clogged Toilet

Ah, the nightmare of the clogged toilet. It happens to the best of us and 38% of renters said it was the most embarrassing moment they’ve had with a landlord. It’s also the #1 reason renters have had to call their landlord for maintenance.

There’s nothing quite like the moment of sheer panic when you see the water rising instead of being flushed down. Unfortunately no amount of praying or wishing will make your toilet unclog itself. You have to swallow your pride and call the apartment maintenance staff. But don’t sweat it—they get these calls all the time.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few of my personal awkward clogged toilet stories to indulge yourself in:

Story #1: The Blame Game

My apartment in college had a really old plumbing system, so we had to call the landlord pretty frequently to unclog the toilet. But whenever we did, we would always blame it on my roommate’s boyfriend. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

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