Maintenance Crews: Moving Beyond Emergency Services While most multifamily maintenance teams scaled back service to include only urgent tasks or emergency repairs when stay-at-home orders went into effect, as we emerge from such restrictions the backlog of non-urgent service requests will start pouring in. Maintenance teams will need to prioritize their to-do lists, as well as communicate those priorities to residents. Share the actions plans for restored maintenance service with residents. And for those residents who submitted non-urgent tasks during the stay-at-home orders, use record logs to remind them of what the task was. This communication also serves as a way to proactively check to see if the resident may have taken care of the issue on their own or it the task truly remains outstanding. Transparency will help temper resident expectations and limit pressure on service teams to keep pace with demands until the workload tapers to a manageable level. Establish lines of communication between maintenance teams and residents, allowing service associates to ask detailed questions and enabling them to bring only the tools and parts they need to complete a task, thus limiting the equipment they need to disinfect after each job. Communicate the continued social distancing expectations for both residents and team members when they enter a home and develop protocols to protect both employees and the integrity of residents’ living spaces. Share essential information on how your teams will be diligent to limit surface contact within the apartment home as well. If there is a need to contract any of the work out, don’t hesitate to communicate that to residents also. If possible, provide them with the names and photos of those individuals who are authorized to do the work in their apartment home. As restrictions are systematically loosened, allowing renters to incrementally resume their enjoyment of community features and services, it’s not the time to let our guard down. Communicate that the floodgates are not open and life as we once knew it has not returned in full, but rather that we’re making our way back to normal together. Read the entire article here:

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