Saw this video and if you would like some good information on what a career as an Apartment Maintenance person is like this video is for you. I just want to add the pay is not bad. Most start out around $14 to $16 an hour but it does not take long to be making more if you are good at maintenance and put some effort into it. Apartment maintenance supervisors make around $21 to $28 or more an hour. Not bad pay. Check out the video from a maintenance man.

Apartment Maintenance

If you are looking to improve your apartment maintenance skills in overseeing general building functionality in areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, landscaping, HVAC, and swimming pool maintenance you are in the right place. This website is here to help you improve your technical skills. Good property maintenance technicians should always strive to be better and committed to ensuring that facilities remain safe and in solid condition for both employees and guests. We provide free helpful articles and videos that will provide valuable training for those just starting out and for seasoned veterans.

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